Supporting Charities

Through the ride I’ll be aiming to raise money for two very worthwhile charities.

Firstly, Cancer Research UK. Sadly, last year my mother died from stomach cancer.  I’ve always been one for root causing a problem and dealing with the issue so that the problem doesn’t arise in the first place. This is exactly what Cancer Research UK is doing trying to find cures for cancer so that cancer can be beaten as has happened so successfully by the application of medical science to many other diseases and conditions.

Secondly, Traidcraft Exchange. I have always been impressed by Traidcraft’s approach to fighting global poverty through trade to help people transform their lives.  I was one of the first ever Traidcraft representatives in the early 1980’s and was responsible for bringing Traidcraft and the Fairtrade movement to Nottinghamshire and the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. I am hopeful that I may be able to visit some of the producer groups on my way through India and south-east Asia. Traidcraft Exchange is the charitable arm of Traidcraft and works with some of the world’s poorest farmers, producers and artisans, helping them to work their way out of poverty.



Learn more about Traidcraft and Traidcraft Exchange’s work



Hidden Entrepreneur
Donations through RobertsRide18000 for Traidcraft Exchange before April11th 2018 will be doubled by the UK Aid Hidden entrepreneur scheme



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Learn more about Cancer Research UK’s work





Sponsor Robert for Traidcraft Exchange and Cancer Research UK