Tuesday 9th April 2019, Adelaide. The train arrived in Adelaide early in the morning and today was spent looking around the city. So far the Australian cities, Perth and Adelaide, have been large enough to have everything that you would want or expect but are small enough to be on a human scale.

Indian Pacific Train

Monday 8th April 2019, Indian Pacific train. Cross the Nullabor itself today. Very barren, hundreds and hundreds of miles of nothing. Glad I made the right decision to do it this way. We have two off train excursions today where the train stops for an hour or two and we are able to wander around.


Saturday 6th April 2019, Perth. A beautiful mornings cycling through the fields and forests. If the grass had been greener and the fields smaller could have been England. The afternoon became harder as I tired, the temperature rose and the wind arose. But a really good day. The highlight however was Adrian in 99 Bikes … More Perth


Thursday 4th April 2019, Fremantle. Fortunately a short ride of 60km after yesterday’s shenanigans. This is my third visit to Fremantle and the more I see of it the more I like it. Tomorrow I should hit 12,000miles. On Sunday I catch the Indian Pacific train from Perth to Adelaide to avoid cycling across the … More Fremantle