Saturday 6th July 2019, Joplin. Crossed into Missouri today. Pleasant but unspectacular scenery. Roads rather busier, back to normal after the holiday. Bit of a setback with the knee so an arduous ride. One more long ride tomorrow before a rest day. Fortunately avoided the forecast thunderstorms during the day but one has broken this … More Joplin


Friday 5th July 2019, Vinita. An eventful day. 16,000 MILES COMPLETED! Only 2,000 miles left to go. That’s just Lands End to John O’Groats and back. Knee continuing to hold up with the slower cycling and walking. It coped with 108 km today. Another hot and humid day. However 15 minutes before I reached my … More Vinita


Thursday 4th July (Independence Day), Tulsa. Roads really nice and quiet. Weather hot and humid. Continuing my approach of the last couple of days of cycling slower and walking uphill the knee seems to be settling down a bit. It does make for a very long day though with a couple of extra hours on … More Tulsa


Wednesday 3rd July 2019, Stroud. Definitely a day of two halves. The morning pleasant, hot and humid. The afternoon a 3 hour thunderstorm with plenty of lightening. The first storm like this for 8 months since India. Carefully nursing the knee along it is just about coping although that was difficult to do during the … More Stroud

Oklahoma: Day 3

Tuesday 2nd July 2019, Oklahoma. A much better day than yesterday. Fascinating and with everything exceeding expectations. It started with a visit to the Cowboy Museum (actually Cowboys and Indians). This was much larger and more interesting than I had anticipated. Then to the State Capitol where all of the public tours for the day … More Oklahoma: Day 3

Oklahoma City

Sunday 30th June 2019, Oklahoma City. A rather longer ride today. I followed yesterday’s approach to cycling going rather slower and walking up the inclines. The discipline required to keep to this is enormous because the temptation is always to speed up. Anyway I reached Oklahoma and my knee appreciated it. 123 km. Tomorrow was … More Oklahoma City