Tokyo: Day 8

Sunday 15th September 2019, Tokyo. To a service at St Albans church in the morning and then being shown around Tokyo and a lovely meal at the home of Keith and Shoko.

Tokyo: Day 7

Saturday 14th September 2019, Tokyo. A day walking up Mount Takao. A pity the weather wasn’t better as the views from the top would have been so much better.

Tokyo: Day 6

Friday 13th September 2019, Tokyo. Visiting the Samurai shop. Unfortunately couldn’t manage to fit a full outfit or even a sword in my luggage. An Emett type clock.

Tokyo: Day 3

Tuesday 10th September 2019, Tokyo. Looking around the Tokyo National Museum which was fascinating. Not just Japanese history but Asian including China and Korea.

Tokyo: Day 2

Monday 9th September 2019, Tokyo. Typhoon Faxai impacted Tokyo leaving nearly a million people without power. As it went over us in the small hours of the morning and I listened to the wind and the rain I thought, I don’t need to worry about this and what the weather’s like in the morning, I’ve … More Tokyo: Day 2


Sunday 8th September, Tokyo! Arrived THE END! That’s it, cycling over after 17 months and over 18,000 miles. A never to be forgotten (and never to be repeated) adventure. Such a wonderful experience in so many ways. Both I and the bike have made it. Neither of which was a foregone conclusion a month ago. … More Tokyo


Saturday 7th September 2019, Atsugi. A much better day physically then yesterday. A rather longer distance and about the same climb. Could have managed a lot further today. Could I have managed a further 800m of climb? Don’t know but I’d have had a go at it. Was yesterday the cumulative effect of 17 months … More Atsugi


Friday 6th September 2019, Gotemba. Mount Fuji 1 Robert 0 Today for the first time on this ride I had to admit defeat by not arriving at my destination by bike. Perhaps it was a bit optimistic aiming to ride half way up Mount Fuji. But I have previously covered longer distance with greater climbs. … More Gotemba