Tuesday 26th February 2019, Macau. A great day looking around Macau. Completely different to mainland China. A mixture of Chinese and Portuguese colonial influences. Certainly lots to see and do here in a fairly small area. Masses of casinos here. Apparently the take of Macau casinos exceeds that of the combined total of those in … More Macau


Monday 25th February 2019, Macau. Another wet and cold day. Another day for grinding out the miles. As I’ve travelled north through south east Asia it’s got colder and the weather worse. I shouldn’t complain though. The Chinese news has had items about heavy snow causing serious disruption. I crossed the border into Macau. It … More Macau


Sunday 24th February 2019, Jiangmen. The day got off to a poor start when having woken up I looked out of the window and there was torrential rain. Not good with 100km plus cycling to do. It got even worse when I looked at the result of the England Wales rugby international. There was a … More Jiangmen


Saturday 23rd February 2019, Guangzhou. The exploration day was both wonderful and awful. It was awful because the weather was cold and very wet. The sites I visited were well spread out so I ended up cycling 37km. Not really surprising in a very large city of 14 million people. It was wonderful because of … More Guangzhou


Friday 22nd February 2019, Guangzhou. A couple of days ago I was bemoaning the lack of interesting sights. Well the last few days has corrected that and this morning in Foshan especially so. The 11th century Zumiao Temple was magnificent. To my mind a strange combination of Confucian temples and martial arts such as Kung … More Guangzhou


Thursday 21st February 2019, Foshan. Just a day for grinding out the kilometres, 112 of them. Spoilt slightly by heavy rain later on in the afternoon. Bike and leg both holding up well today. A short ride tomorrow which I’m doing a bit differently. Exploring Foshan in the morning and then cycling in the afternoon … More Foshan


Wednesday 20th February 2019, Kaiping. Rest day but it’s not really that so I’m better off calling it a non cycling day except. That I cycled 53km looking at the sights around here. Suggestions as to what I should call these days please! Anyway another day of wonderful surprise. Kaiping has lots of “diaolou” which … More Kaiping