1000 Miles Done!

Sunday. Whahey, the first 1,000 miles! Now in a small town called Ferreira do Alentejo. Two more long days and then It’s Lisbon. The first bike hiccup today with a slow puncture in the back wheel. A lovely days’ cycling. If I had a Euro for every olive tree that I’ve seen today I would … More 1000 Miles Done!

And so to Portugal

Saturday. I realised last night that I was in the heart of “real Spain” when as I was tucking into my Bull’s Tail Iberian Style in the bar/restaurant I noticed that it wasn’t football on the TV but bull fighting. It all seemed a bit predictable and formulaic until the 3rd bout when the bull … More And so to Portugal

Meeting Sir Isaac

A very pleasant days cycling, part urban getting out of Seville, and part rural getting into the Sierra. When Google Maps bike route works it often takes you a way you wouldn’t have thought of yourself and you see some interesting lesser known sights on the way. So saw a ceramics factory, Seville University, including … More Meeting Sir Isaac


Tuesday. And so from Lebrija to Seville. A good long flat ride through an agricultural area. A good ride but a bit boring after a while, a bit like cycling through Lincolnshire. Even managed to find an open Carrefour! Now ensconced in the centre of Seville. Tomorrow for exploring it. Then a challenging 5 days … More Seville

Sherry and Bridges

Monday, definitely a day of two halves. The morning everything conspired against me. Thayer were very heavy downpours and the wind was back, very gusty at times. Then Google Maps failed twice which resulted in 10 miles of detours. First of all to get off Cadiz, which is an island, Google Maps instructed me to … More Sherry and Bridges