Saturday 18th May 2019, Goulburn. Back cycling again today. 20km out of Canberra I looked across the road and there was a stone circle! Not mentioned in Lonely Planet and not sign posted. I went to investigate and ended up meeting its owner and builder Robbie. A Scot, descended from William Wallace, who had built … More Goulburn

Canberra: Day 4

Thursday 16th May 2019, Canberra. A delightful day looking around Canberra. Feeling a bit better but have decided to stay here tomorrow and then set off cycling for Sydney on Saturday.  

Canberra: Day 2

Tuesday 14th May 2019, Canberra. A fascinating day meeting with the UK High Commissioner Vicki Treadell and the deputy High Commissioner Ingrid Southworth. The amazing thing was that Ingrid had seen me a couple of weeks ago cycling on the Great Ocean Road and recognised me! We discussed the risk that post Brexit new Free … More Canberra: Day 2

Canberra: Day 1

Monday 13th May 2019, Canberra. Woke up this morning, looked out and it was very foggy! Hadn’t been expecting that. Fortunately most of the roads around here either have a marked cycle lane or a hard shoulder that you can cycle on separate from the traffic. Also had my LED lights on. The fog lifted … More Canberra: Day 1


Sunday 12th May 2019, Yass. A good day’s cycling of 105km with 1.2km of climb. Left leg has been struggling, from ankle to knee, but strapped up and nursing it along it coped well with the ardour of the day. However the right leg has now started complaining. Probably as a result of taking extra … More Yass