Friday 19th July 2019, Pontiac. Another quiet day but rather hotter. Up to 35 degs C although it’s more than 10 degrees hotter than that back in Arizona and southern California where I was 6 weeks ago. Illinois is really good for cycle tracks. Am covering about half the daily distance on them rather than … More Pontiac


Thursday 18th July 2019, McLean. A pleasant, quiet day passing through small towns. Fortunately the forecast rain did not materialise but very hot.

Springfield, Illinois

Tuesday 16th July 2019, Springfield, IL. Another really wet horrible day. Fortunately it’s flat around here when makes it easier. Springfield is Abe Lincoln town. He worked and is buried here. Day off looking around tomorrow.


Monday 15th July 2019, Litchfield. A few problems with the hire car meant the the morning was a right off. Not the car itself although we did end up with a replacement one. When I did eventually set off cycling it was tipping down with rain and windy. Nearly 100 km covered despite 3 road … More Litchfield

St Louis

Sunday 14th July 2019, St Louis. Looking around the St Louis Art Museum which was wonderful both in terms of contents and the presentation and explanation of them. The Cricket World Cup final was taking place at the same time so I was keeping an eye on progress and getting encouraged and then dispirited in … More St Louis