Laos Capital: Vientiane

Friday 18th January 2019, Vientiane. A shorter ride today to reach Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Am staying here at Somboun’s, extended family. Greatest challenge today was eating roasted peanuts from a bowl Laotian style. Singly and with chopsticks!  


Wednesday 16th January 2019, Paksan. A good day’s riding through an interesting natural area but the road was pretty awful.

Vieng Kham

Tuesday 15th January 2019, Vieng Kham. A good day’s riding on a thin strip of land between the Mekong river and the mountains rising sharply to the east. Road merely undulating.

Tha Khaek

Monday 14th January, Tha Khaek. Today’s ride, according to the plan drawn up before I left home, was for a 130km ride. It seemed doable in my study 18 months ago. After the last couple of weeks Experience I decided to take a Tuk Tuk for the first few kilometres. Then a really good ride … More Tha Khaek


Sunday 13th January, Savannakhet. 9,000 MILES ACHIEVED! HALF WAY ROUND THE WORLD. Passed the 9,000 mile mark early this morning on a long day’s ride. A significant milestone. Am also now in my 21st country, Laos. A little hiccup getting into Laos though. No visa problems or anything like that. The border goes down the … More Savannakhet