3000 in Geneva

Friday 6th July. Geneva. Well that’s chalked off 3,000 MILES! (3,040 actually). A really hard day’s ride across the mountains. Weather mixed but it could have been much worse. As well as those punishing ascents there were some really good downhill sections for several kilometres at a time. Must say I’m feeling rather chuffed at … More 3000 in Geneva

Editor on Holiday

My website editor is going on holiday this week, cycling coast to coast across the Pennines. People do some crazy things! But he will be back next week to keep the website updated. Meanwhile, you can still follow my progress on a daily basis on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/robert.cleave.14


Saturday 30th June. Digoin. A lovely day’s gentle cycling along the canals that were a bit more interesting than yesterday. But first a comment on last night and where I was staying at http://lepontdelaloire.com . This was a lovely Chambres D’Hotes and Samuel took pity on a Round the World Cyclist and invited me to join them … More Digoin

Beauty and Boredom

Friday 29th June. Bit of a boring day, really. Although following the Loire, not seen much of it. Always seem to be a few hundred metres away. Spent most of the day cycling along canal towpaths. I can only take a certain amount of that and locks every few kilometres and stay interested. Nursing the … More Beauty and Boredom

Rivers and Locks

Thursday 28th June. The last week has been really wonderful, weather, scenery and cycling. Today however was another snake. My right calf is now suffering from both consciously and unconsciously working much harder to compensate for and protect the left one with the problems it was having. Hey ho! I’m sure it just needs careful … More Rivers and Locks

2,500 Miles Done

Monday 25th June. A near perfect day (the wind was the one negative factor). Lovely sunny day and constantly changing scenery following the Loire. Oh, and flat. Left leg holding up well but a few aches and pains in other places as I try to protect the leg and other joints, muscles and tendons suffer … More 2,500 Miles Done