Refuelling with Geobars on the Moroccan Atlantic coast – 9th April 2018


The Big Send Off – Saturday 7th April 2018

Robert meeting with the Sheriff of Nottingham


Getting me and my bike optimally set up for performance and to reduce the risk of injury with Andy Brooke.


Robertsride 18000 V4

The new Roberts Ride 18,000 logo, designed by Lucy my granddaughter, aged 6, and Christine, my wife.


Being presented with a shirt for the ride whilst visiting the Traidcraft offices in Gateshead. With Robin Roth, Traidcraft CEO and Andy Biggs, COO.



Gerald, the Beeston sports physio helps to keep me going



Berega Mountain (89)
Having recently been volunteering in Tanzania, working with the local church, hospital, orphanage and schools, we made lots of new friends. I’m wondering whether a bike like this one would be a good idea. No need to worry about punctures!




Collecting the bike
Picking up the Koga World Traveller Bike



Training by taking part in the Wild Boar Battle of Bosworth triathlon



Farewell presentation from Nottingham South Deanery Synod after 19 years as Deanery Lay Chair