Tuesday 20th August 2019, Hiroshima. Well today encapsulated the ride in spades and that was even before the major incident. The morning cycling with another thunderstorm the worst for a couple of months. Also needed to reroute as bikes were suddenly barred from the road I have been riding along for the last few days. … More Hiroshima


Monday 19th August 2019, Miyajima. Even the best of plans can go awry. I had replanned my route from Fukuoka to Hiroshima, which I get to tomorrow, to be able to visit the shrine gate of Itsukishima-jinja which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site And seems to float on the water at high tide. Unfortunately … More Miyajima


Sunday 18th August 2019, Tokuyama. Another very humid and gruelling day with some significant climbs. Cycling in these conditions really is draining. 110km today. Miles to go 337. They certainly are coming down.


Saturday 17th August 2019, Shimonoseki. A rather tougher day than I had expected due to the high temperature, hitting 35 deg C and humidity. More than half the distance was on cycle tracks which again I hadn’t been expecting. In the afternoon teamed up with a Japanese cyclist who was cycling up and down Japan. … More Shimonoseki

Fukuoka: Day 3

Friday 16th August 2019, Fukuoka. Most of the morning spent planning the next few days and booking accommodation. Then out looking around Fukuoka again. Hotel room is very small (8ft by 7ft). I’ll have to try one of these pod hotels before I return. The heated loo seat is a novelty. Back to cycling tomorrow.


Thursday 15th August 2019, Fukuoka. A good start to the day with a fine buffet breakfast and the bike out the box and reassembled by 10.00 am. Then having a look at Fukuoka. Unfortunately very bad weather with typhoon Krosa so got drenched yet again. Despite being the 6th largest city in Japan Fukuoka is … More Fukuoka