Sunday 23rd June 2019, Vega. An uneventful longish 127 km ride. Now in Texas with a change of time zone.


Saturday 22nd June 2019, Tucumcari. A more straightforward day than the previous couple. Today the wind was at right angles to my direction of travel, so that was alright. Two reflections from what I see; 1. Spanish and Mexican culture is strong here. The US only acquired these southern states in the middle of the … More Tucumcari

Santa Rosa

Friday 21st June 2019, Santa Rosa. I had expected a pleasant day’s cycling through beautiful countryside with a gentle descent. I had reckoned without the wind that at times was horrendous. I arrived knackered. The excitement of the day was being stopped by a Police car. I had been riding along the road ( not … More Santa Rosa

Las Vegas (not THAT one!)

Thursday 20th June 2019, Las Vegas ( not THAT one, the original one in New Mexico) A challenging but wonderful day’s cycling through the southern end of the Rocky Mountains, the Sanger de Cristobal mountains. Lovely conifer forests. Also another new ride altitude record of 2,295 metres.  

Santa Fe

Tuesday 18th June 2019, Santa Fe. A 103km ride today with nearly a kilometre of climb involving the Rocky Mountains. I hadn’t realised the Rockies reached so far south. Even a tail wind today.