Friday 6th September 2019, Gotemba.
Mount Fuji 1 Robert 0
Today for the first time on this ride I had to admit defeat by not arriving at my destination by bike. Perhaps it was a bit optimistic aiming to ride half way up Mount Fuji. But I have previously covered longer distance with greater climbs. Not today though. After the last week or so I think my body is trying to tell me something.
With 30km to go and a further 800 metres of climb I gave up. I couldn’t manage it. So what to do next? Fortunately there was a nearby Police Station. Explaining my situation with Google Translate and some miming they ordered a taxi to take me to my hotel. Wonderful!
Mount Fuji is another of those Wow! moments the first time you see it. A pity it kept on getting obscured by cloud today.
Another memorable day.
Good job I didn’t need those 30km to reach the 18,000 miles. 2 more days riding to reach Tokyo.


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