Tuesday 3rd September 2019, Yokkaichi.
A much much tougher day than I had expected. Very hot and very humid. A long ride with the crossing of two mountain ranges. (I’m not now going to be giving any figures for distances or climbs as Toni Thorncraft-Smith is running a competition with prizes for whoever estimates most accurately the total distance cycled when I arrive in Tokyo).
I got serious cramp in the legs. I can’t remember the last time that happened. At one stage I was fearing that I wouldn’t be able to complete the cycling today but with enough salt and water I managed to get through.
A similar distance tomorrow but along the coast so it should be a lot flatter.


Some very steep tracks. So steep I couldn’t push the loaded bike straight up but had to zig zag across the path.


Whenever there are any kind of roadworks there is plenty of traffic direction. In fact there were more people on traffic duty than actually working on the road here.


Was passing a gambling hall, slot machines etc so popped in to have a look. Was stunned by the size of it, two football pitches in area, the noise of the machines, and how busy it was, all male.

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