Saturday 24th August 2019, Himeji.
Today was just a case of grinding out the miles. The route was pleasant, a mixture of urban and rural. The weather was also mixed with both sun and rain.
Rest day tomorrow and then on Monday I should complete the 18,000 miles.
It does seem incredible. Hard to believe I’m one days ride away from cycling round the world after so much planning and effort.
Miles to go 64!

Robert also writes,“18,000 miles coming up!
On Monday, barring disaster and I’ve experienced a few of those, I should hit 18,000 miles, the distance required for Cycling Round the World.
I aim, technology permitting, to do a live Facebook video stream at the moment that this happens. This will be around Osaka, Japan.
I expect this to be about 5pm Japanese time on Monday 26th August. (9am UK time on Monday).
I will post a couple of FB updates earlier during the day on Monday as I progress.
Please publicise this to interested parties.”


Exactly 100 miles to go now.


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