Wednesday 21st August 2019, Imabari.
Thanks for all the advice yesterday. I hope you all think I’ve had enough of a relative rest today.
I’m cycling the Shimanami Kaido which hops from island to island up the Seto sea on some amazing bridges plus a couple of ferries.
After a slow start I took a ferry from Hiroshima for a couple of hours and then cycled 60 kms along a beautiful, flat, coastline with many islands just offshore.
Left knee, with the support bandage back on, holding up.
The surprise tonight was discovering that I have a proper Japanese room, bed, chair, everything at floor level. Just like a Madam Butterfly set.
PS one of the beauties of a trip like this is the connections that form of places that I’ve been through. Thus yesterday in Hiroshima I recollected visiting Ulm where Einstein was born and passed close by Los Alamos in New Mexico home of the Manhattan project.
Miles to go 239.


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