Tuesday 20th August 2019, Hiroshima.
Well today encapsulated the ride in spades and that was even before the major incident.
The morning cycling with another thunderstorm the worst for a couple of months. Also needed to reroute as bikes were suddenly barred from the road I have been riding along for the last few days.
Then my left knee went again worse than before.
The afternoon was spent visiting the Hiroshima monuments, museum and Peace Garden. A harrowing experience.
I was then about to set off on the bike for some more Hiroshima sightseeing when I noticed that the rear tyre was flat. The inner tube had a hole the size of a 1p piece and the tyre was starting to split. When I was pumping up the new inner tube there was an explosion like a car backfiring. The tyre had split completely and the new inner tube had burst.
I managed to identify what looked like a decent bike shop but had to walk the bike 5 kms there.They even had Schawlow Marathon tyres! Returned to the hotel at 8pm to find somewhere to eat.
An eventful day! Will leave it until tomorrow morning to decide whether I cycle tomorrow or catch up on things.
Miles to go 275.


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