Monday 19th August 2019, Miyajima.
Even the best of plans can go awry.
I had replanned my route from Fukuoka to Hiroshima, which I get to tomorrow, to be able to visit the shrine gate of Itsukishima-jinja which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site And seems to float on the water at high tide. Unfortunately it was low tide when I was there, a very wet and misty day, Oh! and the gate was encapsulated in scaffolding as they are restoring it.
There was however a splendid 16th century Buddhist hall and a 6th century shrine.
The morning involved a very wet ride. After typhoon Krosa, one fine day and then rain each day after. Forecast for the next week doesn’t look good either thunderstorms every day.
A pretty good day nevertheless.
Miles to go 294.


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