Fukuoka: Arrival in Japan

Wednesday 14th August 2019, Fukuoka, Japan.
Yes, the date is correct and there is no missing post. There is no posting for Tuesday 13th as I was flying to Japan.
11 hours time difference and back over the international date line again. That and only a few hours of sleep on the 19 hour trip means I’ve no idea what my body will be doing tomorrow morning.
The excitement on the flight was provided by security giving me a thorough search at every stage. At Toronto airport I had to completely open up the packed bike box. They then took swabs around the bike and an instrument analysed them for drugs and explosives. Then in Tokyo airport I was pulled over. They put the bike through another scanner and searched through both panniers. They became more concerned the more they looked at my passport and saw the number of countries that I’ve been through!
So a couple of days to rebuild the bike, reorient and look around Fukuoka before I set off again.
PS The bike decision is to try to nurse the bike through to Tokyo and then sort out the frame back in the UK.


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