Niagara on the Lake

Tuesday 6th August 2019, Niagara on the Lake.
Well today had just about everything.
Progress was slow but that was only because there was so much to see. More War of 1812 forts and battle sites.
The morning was beautiful, fine weather whilst riding alongside the Niagara river. Then when I reached the Falls 2 hours of thunderstorms started. They certainly were spectacular.
Late afternoon the weather improved.
However when I had arrived in Niagara on the Lake and went out to explore I got caught in further thunderstorms.
Oh and the clasp on one of my panniers had given up and the pannier almost falling off the back of the bike. Fortunately I had the spare parts required to repair this.
Never a dull moment.
Miles to go 589.

You can follow Robert’s journey to Niagara Falls here.


Not many people were visiting the statue of the physicist Nicolas Tesla.
Vineyards in Canada!

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