Wallaceburg, Walpole Island, Canada

Saturday 2nd August 2019, Wallaceburg, Walpole Island, Canada.
Firstly the bike frame has been strengthened more by several cable ties, more Gorilla tape and 2 bolts through the stem a bit lower down. Anchor Bay Bicycles did the latter. Great job, thanks John.
I and the bike successfully completed 105km today. A good ride along the bank of Lake St Clair. Had to use the Algonac ferry to cross from the USA to Canada as bike’s aren’t allowed on any of the Detroit bridges or tunnels.
Setting off I didn’t know what to expect but the day worked out really well.
Thank you for all the comments, suggestions and offers of help. They are all much appreciated. The Chicago Police even offered to come and help me out and that required a 4 hour drive. Thanks Kathleen. And Toronto International Rescue offered to come to my aid. Thanks Elaine Allcock.
Miles to go 838.

The cable ties.
The bolts plus more Gorilla tape
Thanks John.


Perhaps I can use this bike frame.

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