Detroit: Day 2

Thursday 1st August 2019, Detroit.
One of those interesting days.
So the current best advice for the cracked bike frame is Gorilla tape! I’ve ridden about 12 miles around Detroit sightseeing today and the bike feels OK.
So setting off for Canada tomorrow. Obviously what looked like a straightforward ride to the finish is now much higher risk. Bike completely breaking down somewhere. I’ll just have to see. Better here than if this had happened in India, China or even the remoter parts of Southern California or Arizona.
The rest of the day was fascinating. Detroit a city devastated by competition and globalisation but it is reviving. Classic Trump territory. The Democrats Presidential hopefuls debate has been here the last few nights.
Then a great visit to the Henry Ford model T factory. A milestone in 20th century technology.
A tiring but great day. Encapsulates what the trip is all about.
Miles to go 904.

Gorilla tape!


A self drive test vehicle.
At the Ford Piquette factory
Driving an original model T Ford.


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