Detroit: DISASTER!

Wednesday 31st July 2019. Detroit
A gentle ride to Detroit today with my last full day of riding in the US. Looking forward to a day’s sightseeing tomorrow and then into Canada and the Niagara Falls.
On arrival in Detroit I discovered that my Koga bike frame had cracked where the saddle stem enters it. Looks pretty major to me. I’m waiting for advice on what I need to do.
Up till then it had been a good day. What a difference a day makes!
917 miles to go.
Yesterday a thousand felt like a short distance tonight it looks much much longer.

What do I do now? I wait to find out.


They had a fine range of drinks on offer
Mathematical wall art!
At Henry Fords first garage in Michigan


Eloise a hospital that started in 1839, peaked with 10,000 patients but closed in the 1980’s.
A vehicle for 10 cyclists who face perpendicular to the direction of travel.

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