Ann Arbor

Tuesday 30th July 2019, Ann Arbor.
Well I hit the 17,000 mile mark today. At the beginning every 1,000 miles felt a major achievement but now there are mixed emotions as the end comes into sharper focus. I think it’s really good that Japan is last as I think that will be fascinating as India and China were.
Today I saw the first tangible sign of Amish communities around here.
I had hoped that with new tyres in St Louis I might reach the end with no more punctures. No such luck. I had one today due to a very large fragment of glass. There’s lots of it about on the shoulders.
961 miles to go.


Historical farmhouse. Looks rather splendid to me


Memorial to the Irish famine which drove many immigrants to the US.


One of the better road signs
I knew the Russians were meddling in the last US election but this seems to be taking a bit far!


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