Sunday 28th July 2019, Sturgis.
A quiet day. After the excitement of Chicago it’s the backroads of Indiana and Michigan.
The stop for lunch happened to be at White Pigeon. There was a memorial to Chief Wahbememe (White Pigeon) who ran the 150 miles from Detroit without stopping for food or rest, to warn the town, when he learnt that other tribes were planning to attack it. Just like Pheidippides when he had given his news in Athens after the battle of Marathon, he expired. Pheidippides only ran 26 miles though.
There was also a memorial to the local soldiers who died in the Civil War which contained Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.
The knee seems to be stabilising with the combination of treatment, flat roads and shorter distances.


Not eating lunch but me nearly being lunch.
No bus shelters around here so had to make do with this barn demo for a break.
House numbers rather high around here.

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