Portage: 1st Accident!

Friday 26th July 2019, Portage.
After nearly 16 months and 17,000 miles a bit of drama in my first accident. 3 km from my motel I had been riding along an 18 inch steeply sloping hard shoulder when I found that my front wheel had slipped off the shoulder down onto grass and then I and the bike were both horizontal surfing along the shoulder. Just a few cuts and grazes on elbows and knees. One brake lever was broken but apart from that the bike seems fine.
Earlier Christine had left to fly back to England.
I discovered that our hotel had a distinguished history, photos describing below.
First half of today’s short ride was great going south around Lake Michigan followed by a busier road inland. Into Indiana.

Broken brake lever
Setting off from Chicago


Eisenhower at the hotel
A young Michael Jordan
And a young nervous looking Prince Charles.

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