Springfield: Day 2

Monday 8th July 2019, Springfield, MO.
A quiet day.
Not a great deal to see even more so as today is Monday and some galleries are closed. The highlight was seeing the world’s largest fork, or so they claim.
In the museum the attendant, Dee, on hearing my story said she hoped that I would finish my ride before I died!
My luck with the storms ran out. Having finished sightseeing I was cycling back to the motel and got caught in a deluge. I was absolutely drenched, despite the Goretex. Firstly by the rain falling and then secondly by cars and lorries ploughing through the floods, I was drowned by waves of water thrown up, some of them higher than me.
Still I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much about the weather. The temperature I. Southern California and Arizona is forecast to hit 48 degs C this week. Unless I had been advised to reschedule my timing of going through these southern states I would be going through there about now.

Robert also reported yesterday as follows:

It the past 48 hours I have reached both the 16,000 mile mark and topped £20,000 in fundraising.

Please consider sponsoring me if you can. Every penny donated goes directly to my charities.


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