Saturday 6th July 2019, Joplin.
Crossed into Missouri today. Pleasant but unspectacular scenery. Roads rather busier, back to normal after the holiday.
Bit of a setback with the knee so an arduous ride. One more long ride tomorrow before a rest day.
Fortunately avoided the forecast thunderstorms during the day but one has broken this evening.


First sighting of the Confederate flag, on the left.


Two of the waitresses at the Olive Garden Italian restaurant, Emile and McKenzie were keen to have their photo taken with me.
Plenty of casinos. I think they’re in Indian land and it’s a way for them to raise finance.
It’s frequently hard to find somewhere just to sit down and have a rest. I found a seat behind what I thought was a derelict hut. I’d just sat down when the occupant came out to see what I was up to.
After a chat she reappeared with a welcome cup of coffee.

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