Weatherford: Petrol Leak!

Saturday 29th June, 2019, Weatherford.
An eventful day one way and another.
First of all can I say thank you to those people that have sent sympathetic comments and advice about my knee.
So today I was riding much slower and walking up any inclines to try and reduce the stress on the knee. It felt OK at the end of the day.
It was also much hotter, approaching 40 degs C.
When I arrived at my motel I discovered that a new large jar of petroleum jelly, used for reducing saddle soreness, had melted and leaked all through one pannier. The lid hadn’t come off the container but unfortunately the seal hadn’t been designed to contain a liquid. Rather more washing tonight than I had expected!

The village was called Canute but the armour looks to come from a later era


A large number of birds had nested under a bridge of the freeway


The Jewell’s a couple who are taking 2 years out to cycle the workd


Buying a stronger knee support helped by Micaela at Walgreens
Tonight’s restaurant.

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