Elk City: Knee problems

Friday 28th June 2019, Elk City.
You can take nothing forgranted on this trip. It only needs one thing to go wrong and that’s the end even after 15,500 miles.
So my left knee that has been causing problems throughout the trip which had recently been settling down is now a problem again. I’ve torn some muscles or ligaments on the inside. And that with, as I have said it improving, daily distances reducing, routes becoming much flatter. Hey ho!
Another delightful Route 66 small town museum in Erick. Was given a personal tour which included a Thomas Alva Edison phonograph from the first few years of the 20th century which was played for me!
Have left Texas and am now in Oklahoma.


My guide and his wife for the Erick museum visit
The Edison phonograph
US WW1 recruiting poster. Just imagine the outcry if something like this was put out today! How times have advanced.


Meeting some more Route 66 cyclists


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