Thursday 27th June 2019, Shamrock.
There is no great culture as in LA or amazing scenery as in Arizona but there are still some small scale interesting sights around here.
The “Devil’s Rope Museum” all about barbed wire. Critical to the opening up of the west as I can remember learning in my O level American History.
Shamrock claims that a piece of the Blarney Stone was sent to it from Ireland. I suspect what they have got is a stone from Blarney. Doesn’t stop them marketing it though.


Each church building gives a theological message and witness. Don’t think I’ve come across one quite so basic and minimalist as this.
Technology is not new.
This marvel of mechanical engineering was for a horse drawn muck spreader.
The prime historical site in Shamrock. The highest water tower in Texas.


The Shamrock Blarney Stone
Me at a break today taken by Jack Fussell Sr.

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