Monday 24th June 2919, Amarillo.
Well I’ve found the way to Amarillo.
A shortish ride through some flat, uninteresting Texan countryside.
I’ve found a bike shop that should be able to fix my leaking hydraulic brake tomorrow.
A couple of days ago I noticed that the rear tyre has worn badly after 1,500 miles. So this afternoon, on arrival, I swapped the front and rear tyres. Then a few minutes later when I tried to set off to do some sightseeing I discovered that the front tyre was flat! Such is life.
Rest day in Amarillo tomorrow.

Not sure what this roadsign is about. Is it legal?


Tonight’s accommodation (only joking)


Free steak if you eat all 72oz in an hour!
I’ve thought long and hard about this and don’t think I can manage it even with all the cycling.
In my prime, 40 years ago, I think I would have polished it off.

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