Amarillo: Day 2 – Punctures!

Tuesday 25th June 2019, Amarillo.
One of those frustrating days that happen from time to time. Having swapped the tyres last night and then got a puncture which I fixed this morning when I got on the bike to do some sightseeing both tyres were flat!!! So I repaired both of them and cycled to the bike shop to get the brake repaired. They fixed the brake with a new part and also put a new tyre on the back wheel leaving me with the less worn tyre on the front (they only had one suitable tyre in stock).
I shouldn’t really complain. These punctures couldn’t have happened at a better time or place. Could easily have occured crossing the desert or in some of the remote mountains causing me a lot more trouble.
In the sightseeing that I was able to do this afternoon I came across possibly the most bizarre sight on the trip so far. 10 Cadillacs buried bonnet down in a line in the sand and then painted.

As well as fantastic service the Sun Adventure bike shop also provides free beer!


The 2nd Amendment Cowboy (all Americans allowed to bear arms)


The Helium Time Columns

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