Saturday 22nd June 2019, Tucumcari.
A more straightforward day than the previous couple. Today the wind was at right angles to my direction of travel, so that was alright.
Two reflections from what I see;
1. Spanish and Mexican culture is strong here. The US only acquired these southern states in the middle of the 19th century as a result of war with Mexico.
2. You get a feel for technological developments and their social impacts. Many of the towns I am currently going through were initially very small staging posts on the routes west. Travel would take many months. Then came the railways slashing travel time to days. These towns expanded large hotels were built. Their economies expanded. Then in the 20th century came the internal combustion engine and freeways. Many of these towns have become backwaters.


A group of Methodist ladies I met at dinner who had been helping clean up in Oklahoma after the tornado there 3 weeks ago

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