Santa Fe: Day 2. Oil Leak!

Wednesday 19th June 2019, Sant Fe.
Well you can certainly take nothing forgranted on this trip.
AM good PM bad (that’s a time rather than political statement).
Woke up did an interview with BBC Radio Nottingham and then went and had a look around Santa Fe.
Noticed that the left hydraulic brake lever was starting to leak oil so in the afternoon took the bike round Santa Fe bike shops, the State Capital, trying to get it fixed. Surprisingly none of them had the part in stock. So will have to cycle 5 days to Amarillo to hopefully get it fixed.
Toni Thorncraft-Smith Even Gorilla Tape won’t deal with this.
Santa Fe is a wonderfully relaxed place. Most of the buildings are single story adobe format. Just a few two story buildings but very spacious.
The museums and galleries are the most expensive I’ve come across for ages. One even had the main attractions closed for refurbishment but hadn’t reduced its prices at all. Perhaps the bike breakdown preventing me from visiting any of them PM was a silver lining.


And the oldest house
The Governors Palace


Stained glass window based on Chartres (my favourite windows)
St Francis Cathedral
The oldest church in the US


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