Sunday 16th June 2019, Albuquerque.

15,000 MILES!

Passed the latest milestone this morning on a beautiful section of the old Route 66. Fine weather, quiet road, beautiful mountain scenery.
The afternoon was not quite so good. Route 66 is not signposted at all on some sections. My GPS devices kept trying to take me on the freeway and I ended up on some rough tracks. Delightful but very hard work.It became a case of just grinding out the kilometres to get to Albuquerque so I gave in and took the freeway in the end.

You can see Roberts video reflecting on his 15000 mile achievement HERE.


I’ve cycled on better surfaces
Contradictory signs about bicycles on this section of freeway.
The website map showed they were allowed here so I cycled on.
A welcome down ride into Albuquerque.

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