Saturday 15th June 2019, Grants.
I’ve said numerous times that I just don’t know what is going to happen next on this trip. Well when I booked into the Sands Motel tonight they said they were putting me in room 123, the Elvis room, where he liked to stay. There’s even his marriage application on the wall that he gave them. Perhaps it was cheaper than paying the bill.
Otherwise just over 100 km today mostly along a very quiet Route 66 which was next to a highway taking all the traffic. A bit of rain.
Starting to get a cough like in Rajasthan. Combination of dry heat and dust again.
A long ride of 130 km tomorrow. Don’t know whether this is going to be tough or straightforward as it also involves 1 km of descent.
Should hit 15,000 miles mark tomorrow morning.

This at least indicates that I am making progress across the US.


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