Sunday 9th June 2019, Flagstaff.
A restful day. Went to church in the morning for Pentecost where I was prayed for in the service which was great.
In the afternoon had a look around the Lowell observatory where the planet Pluto was discovered and evidence for the expansion of the universe found.
Lunar astronauts were trained here both at the observatory itself and also in the area around which is similar to the moon’s surface.
As I’m so close to the Grand Canyon, about 90 miles away, I’ve decided to visit there tomorrow. Going on a day tour there rather than cycling.

When are we going back?
A chunk of one of the local meteorites. Almost 100% metal much more than I expected.
Playing in the park


The telescope with which Pluto was discovered
Pluto’s original name was Rover but shortly after the newly discovered planet was named Walt Disney changed it.
With the Rector, Marianna Gronek


Lowell was independently wealthy and had a car to match
That brings back memories

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