Indio: A really tough day!

Friday 31st May 2019, Indio.
A really tough day. It was always going to be a long day with a 120km ride but a number of incidents made it much longer and harder.
I set off cycling along the hard shoulder of the Freeway as there were no signs at the entrance saying that bikes were prohibited. I came across a Highway Patrol on the hard shoulder and double checked with the policeman if this was OK. He said no it wasn’t. Bikes could cycle on some sections of Freeway but not others. I asked him how I could know which were which as I clearly couldn’t rely on the signs. He said I should check on a California roads website before setting off. The country where I thought this would be properly controlled and clear is a right mess.
So I came off and rerouted off the Freeway. Coming up to half way and thinking that I was making good progress I came across another blocker. This time Google Maps was trying to take me through an Indian Reservation where the roads weren’t accessible to the public. The only way round this reservation avoiding the Freeway was along a dirt track by the railroad for 5 km.
Once back on the road Google Maps took me along a gravel and sand track for another 5 km. at one stage this involved crossing a dry river bed. The track became so bad that cycling was impossible and I had to walk. Then it became nearly impossible to push the bike through the fine dry sand. This wasn’t a cycle route but one for cars!
Anyway I’ve made it after 135 km.
Also involved over 700 m of climb most of which was in the morning. Also a headwind in the afternoon. Temperature 35 degs C.

You can RELIVE this tough day by following Robert’s route at this LINK.


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