Los Angeles

Wednesday 29th May 2019, Los Angeles.
Last day here which was taken up by two activities. First booking accommodation for the next week. Unfortunately when I came to do this I discovered that accommodation along Route 66 in this region is scarce for two reasons. Firstly many motels have closed as the traffic now goes along other routes and secondly areas labelled desert and wilderness. So I ended up having to spend quite a lot of time rerouting in the same general direction but involving longer distances. A bit like Australia.
Secondly I went to visit the Paul Getty museum. I only picked up on that yesterday as it’s 30km away. It’s well worth a visit but wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Although there were many famous names exhibited there, da Vinci, Cannaleto, Turner, Brueghel the elder …. they were minor pieces and it was not vast. The highlight was the building itself.
It just goes to show that the richest man in the world cannot compete with a state institution which has amassed a collection over centuries e.g. British Museum, Louvre, National Archeological Museum Athens ….
So back to cycling tomorrow. Let’s see how the body holds up.


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