Saturday 11th May 2019, Gundagai.
I just expected to be a day for grinding out the miles but it turned out to be a really good one. The weather for the last 10 days has been really odd. Alternate days have been cold and wet and those in between dry and sunnyish. Today was one of the latter. A ride through some beautiful countryside along very quiet roads. It could almost have been England.
Then a look around Gundagai. A fascinating small town that was obliterated by a flood in 1852. A third of the population drowned but a quarter were rescued by two Aboriginals and their canoe.

Some wonderful wooden bridges. You can almost feel that you’re back in the middle of the 19th century when they were built
Just like India! Not accidental there was a permanent road sign about this
Yarra and Jacky the two Aboriginal heroes


The local bushranger


Has this street permanently changed its name?

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