Canberra: Day 1

Monday 13th May 2019, Canberra.
Woke up this morning, looked out and it was very foggy! Hadn’t been expecting that.
Fortunately most of the roads around here either have a marked cycle lane or a hard shoulder that you can cycle on separate from the traffic. Also had my LED lights on.
The fog lifted late morning and it was then sunny and clear. That part was a lovely ride.
Fortunately today was just 70 kms of cycling with far less climb than yesterday so the legs coped.
I have however decided to have an extra day in Canberra and also an extra day in Sydney. If my body needs some recuperation what better place than here?
Also I’ve modified the route from To Sydney slightly so it’s shorter and has less climb.
I think all that should help.
As today’s ride was shorter I managed to visit the National Gallery of Australia.


This was entitled Epic Journey. Seems apt.


Captain Cook Memorial Globe


This looks my kind of place


Roadside sculpture of battered car bonnets
They raise them tough these Australians
Perhaps I can get my bike displayed as a work of art when I get back

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