Geelong: Day 2

Monday 29th April 2019, Geelong.
A delightful day in the coastal town of Geelong including visiting an Aboriginal cultural centre. Why are these always so amateurish and second rate? I suppose that sums things up really. Set me thinking. Many cultures were affected by European “discovery”. Most were impacted but survived. India, China, Africa and South America. Some just imploded, Australian Aborigines and Native American Indians. Both were nomadic but then so were many Arabs who currently flourish. Was it there previous isolation that caused them to not be able to cope?
Swapped the tyres on the bike as the back one is much more worn than that on the front.
Short ride (75km) to Melbourne tomorrow.

Rear view of the floodlights
Ned Kelly
Combined Aussie Rules and Cricket stadium


Barcode fountain
The Plaza of Fame. Landry was competing with Roger Bannister to break the 4 minute mile. Bannister got there first but Landy then bettered his time about a month later.
In the background is Hassett a batsman in Bradman’s team of Invincibles.
Painting from the Great Ocean Road near Lorne that I cycled along yesterday


This is how I feel doing my press ups in the morning


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