Geelong: 13,000 miles completed

Sunday 28th April 2019, Geelong.
13,000 miles passed!
Only 5,000 miles left now.
A day rather like yesterday, cold and wet but the rain did hold off in the afternoon. 115km with nearly 1km of climb. Legs I think were feeling the effect of yesterday’s ride and were rather tired by the end. Again like yesterday with the right weather this would be a fantastic ride. Undulating along the coast. Not high up on the cliffs like a couple of days ago around Port Campbell but much lower down. Almost cycling along the beach at stages.
Day off in Geelong tomorrow followed by a short ride to Melbourne then 2 days looking around. So legs should have a few days to recover.

Early morning start


Didn’t realise that there was a rainbow when I took the photo
Creative naming but apt.
Gorgeous sea colours


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