Port Campbell

Thursday 25th April 2019, Port Campbell.
A really good day following the Great Ocean Road and visiting the many limestone cliffs and offshore rocks. Spoilt only by the temperature, rain and very strong wind (although it was generally in the right direction).
Rest day tomorrow.

Saw this at the side of the road. Thought it might be easier if I swapped vehicles


ANZAC day today. The war memorial at Port Campbell. There are wreaths from various organisations but it is the personal tribute laid out in pebbles that is so poignant.

One thought on “Port Campbell

  1. It’s good that you are at least as robust as the bike after all these miles Rob and nice to read about Logan’s generosity. Pt. Campbell had just lost two much loved volunteers, Ross and Andy Powell, in a coast/sea rescue accident on Easter Sunday (Andy was a keen cyclist), so your pics of Pt Campbell are particularly poignant.


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