Saturday 20th April 2019, Millicent.
A great ride today of 108km at the fastest daily average speed of just over 23km/hr. I had a tail wind! Lots of kangaroos as well hopping along beside the road which I could keep up with.
I arrived in Millicent and was having my lunch in a park when a lovely lady came up, wished me Happy Easter and then gave me a bottle of cold water and a small fruit cake.
Now 3 rants!
1. At 3.30pm tried to visit the Millicent museum which closed at 4pm.Although it was still open everything had been locked up! I’ve experienced this quite a bit since arriving in Australia. Things seem to be arranged for the convenience of staff. Modern customer service concepts have yet to reach here.
2. WiFi here is very unreliable. Remote regions in India and South East Asia often had much better WiFi than here.
3. Thought I might try and go to an opera at the Sydney Opera House when I get there so had a look at what is on next month. Everything except opera! Clearly doesn’t do what it says on the tin.

Bike was locked up overnight in the hotel drinks store. Still steered straight in the morning.


This slipped through the risk assessment


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