Statistics for the year

These are the stats for the exact year of cycling since I set off from Nottingham, England on 7th April 2018.

Cycled 12,070 miles (19,425 kilometres)
Time out for family holidays 44 days
Time out waiting for bike to be repaired 20 days
Time out ill 10 days
Therefore days actually travelling 291 (this number includes days cycling, rest/sightseeing days and flying days)
Fastest thousand miles South West Australia 18 days
Slowest thousand miles Morocco 36 days
Maximum distance in a day 155km (South West Australia)
Maximum climb in a day 1,631m (Spain)
Highest peak 1,464m (India)
Maximum speed 62km/hr (Spain)
Total climb 88km (55 miles) equivalent to cycling up Mount Everest 10 times
Fastest average speed over a day 24km/hr (Morocco, a flat route on a short day)
Slowest average speed over a day 10km/hr (Spain, first day back after illness)
Bike plus luggage 50kg
Countries 26
Continents 4

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