Thursday 4th April 2019, Fremantle.
Fortunately a short ride of 60km after yesterday’s shenanigans.
This is my third visit to Fremantle and the more I see of it the more I like it.
Tomorrow I should hit 12,000miles.
On Sunday I catch the Indian Pacific train from Perth to Adelaide to avoid cycling across the desert of the Nullabor. Comments around here are that “yes, you don’t want to do that, people die trying to do it.”
Unfortunately some of my hitech equipment is causing problems. The Garmin used for navigation and recording my ride has touchscreen problems and the holder for my GoPro camera has broken.

Getting my just deserts
The Batavia, a Dutch ship sunk off the coast in the 17th century


An Alcoa plant on the coast
Samuel Plimsoll the figurehead on the ship of the same name.
As the person responsible for the Plimsoll line on ships, saving many lives, he is probably Bristol’s most famous MP after Edmund Burke.


A chimaera

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