Sunday 31st March 2019, Nannup.
Another lovely ride through the forests. Today’s ride of only 60 km, half or even less of what I’ve become accustomed to, felt a bit like a rest day.
Europe hasn’t had forests like this, running for hundreds of miles in every direction, for many centuries (millennia?). They are beautiful by day but take on a darker aspect by night. Hansel and Gretel spring to mind and other such stories. You certainly wouldn’t want to be lost here at night.
For the last two days I’ve been approached by police who were looking for people out walking who had not been seen for a day or more. Yesterday a couple in their sixties and today a family with a 6 year old child.


Open fires are the best ………


The Nannup tiger, the local hound of the Baskerville’s.


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