Albany – big decision

Wednesday 27th March 2019, Albany.
Another good ride of 123km through some beautiful forests. Apart from the 155km ride this is the longest so far.
The last 3 rides have been the longest 3 of the trip together with an average daily climb of over 1km. Each day is knackering.
There are 9 more riding days to Kalgoorlie where I catch the train for Adelaide. For 5 of those days accommodation is uncertain in very small towns that have no hotels or guest houses describing themselves as “blink and you miss us”. There is no margin for error as the train only runs once a week and has to be booked ahead.
I have therefore decided to loop back to Perth and get on the train at the start.

To follow the journey from Walpole to Albany, see it HERE on Relive.


If they stopped me they’d definitely be able to get me on this.


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