Sunday 24th March 2019, Pemberton.
The toughest day so far!
The road route today was over 20km further than the furthest distance I’ve yet cycled in a day of 118km. There was an option of a bike route through the forest which was 10 km less which I decided to take. 5km into the forest route the track was becoming tougher and rougher, slower and slower so I decided to turn back and do the road route. Rather than saving distance I had added 10km to it!
The route itself was isolated through bush and forest. Nothing for about 120km and a passing car about every half hour. Starting to experience the real Australia.
Set a new daily record of 155km. Wind still very much a problem. Oh and 1,233 metres of climb.
For the first time did not finish riding until after sunset. Riding through the pitch black of the forest illuminated by my LED lights for the final stretch was dramatic.
Rest day tomorrow.

You can follow Robert’s route for this tough day by following this link.


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