Monday 25th February 2019, Macau.
Another wet and cold day. Another day for grinding out the miles. As I’ve travelled north through south east Asia it’s got colder and the weather worse. I shouldn’t complain though. The Chinese news has had items about heavy snow causing serious disruption.
I crossed the border into Macau. It was much quicker getting out of China than getting in! Although Macau and Hong Kong are ultimately ruled by China the atmosphere here is completely different. The streets look much more western and people speak English! Unpacking China is for another day but it was both fascinating and brilliant but also really hard.
Two significant milestones being reached. The Asian leg of the trip is coming to a close. I’ve done my last proper day’s cycling. The time in Macau and Hong Kong is mainly sightseeing. I’m within a whisker of the 11,000 mile mark. Just 24 miles short. I will easily knock that off cycling around the sights of Macau and Hong Kong.

Passed this school mural
This mural made me think I was back in Angkor Wat.
Now in Macau


Zhuhai border crossing
There are an enormous number of cameras in Chinese roads

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