Sunday 24th February 2019, Jiangmen.
The day got off to a poor start when having woken up I looked out of the window and there was torrential rain. Not good with 100km plus cycling to do. It got even worse when I looked at the result of the England Wales rugby international.
There was a significant improvement though when I set off and the rain chose thar moment to stop. Throughout the day it felt as though it would restart any second but it didn’t.
Today was just a case of getting the kilometres covered.
There was another bridge incident. There are lots of very big rivers in this area. All of the bridges today, except one, allowed bikes to cross on the road. When I came to the one that didn’t I wondered should I risk it and plough on? No I thought there should be stairs and a ramp with a pedestrian/cyclists lane. There were no signs so I headed off in what I thought was the right direction for it. Sure enough I found it. There were stairs but no ramp to push the bike up! I then proceeded to climb the stairs to the bridge 3 times. The first to check that there was a walkway and that it was open. Secondly with the luggage and finally with the bike. At the other end I had 2 trips with the luggage and bike to get them down to the road. As I was finally descending I spotted a Chinese cyclist on the bridge road happily cycling across!
Today is my last full day in China proper. Another 100km or so tomorrow and across the border into Macau.


Dumped bikes from one of the “Boris bikes” schemes


Not allowed on the bridge again
At least there is access for pedestrians and bikes
But no ramp!!


Evening menu to choose from!

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