Hong Kong

Wednesday 27th February 2019, Hong Kong
A morning looking around some more bits of Macau. Then catching the ferry over to Hong Kong.
The ferry trip which I had expected to be straightforward ran into an unexpected problem when they wanted me to take the front wheel off. I explained the problem that this would cause me in getting a fully laden bike several hundred metres onto their ferry. When I asked why the front wheel needed removing they replied that it was company policy. However when the ferry arrived they allowed me to just wheel the bike on without removing any wheels so that ended up being OK.
I then had a short wander around Hong Kong.


I had just finished attempting this artistic shot (admittedly lying horizontal on the pavement) when ………
I discovered a couple behind me killing themselves laughing.
The wife had taken a photo of me lying on the ground taking my photo and the husband had taken one capturing both his wife and me!

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