Saturday 23rd February 2019, Guangzhou.
The exploration day was both wonderful and awful.
It was awful because the weather was cold and very wet. The sites I visited were well spread out so I ended up cycling 37km. Not really surprising in a very large city of 14 million people.
It was wonderful because of the sites that I visited. Guangzhou warrants much more than a day probably something like a week to do it justice. The highlight was definitely king Zhao Mo’s tomb plus items discovered in it. He was buried over 2,000 years ago together with numerous human sacrifices including his 4 favoured concubines. Zhao Mo’s jade burial suit stitched together with silk was stunning.
The cathedral (!) was built by the French in the late 19th century. It was wonderful in the way that all French cathedrals are. It was also very bright and light inside that many Catholic Churches aren’t. There was a service about to start and the cathedral was very full with young Chinese.
I have to put in a mention of my visit to the Guangzhou Opera House built in 2010. Very impressive and modern from the outside but unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to go inside.
100km plus ride scheduled for tomorrow so I hope the weather is better.


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