Monday 18th February 2019, Enping.
Today was really horrible. Wet all day with a thunderstorm at midday causing roads to be flooded. I suppose I shouldn’t really complain as this is the first day of really bad weather for 2 or 3 months. In India rain like this wasn’t so bad as the temperature was 30 degs C plus. Here it’s cold and therefore not pleasant cycling in it all day.
Fortunately it was a shorter distance, 55km, so I had some time to look around Enping, albeit in the rain.
The bike and the body are both just about still holding up.
However despite or more probably because of all of that it’s been a good and memorable day overcoming the obstacles and seeing some sights as well.
I had been starting to be a little disappointed with China as although completely different and fascinating there has been little in terms of sights. The Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors for example are thousands of miles away. However I knew this before I started China. Today that changed and the next week should be more interesting as well.


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